Top 5 Bars in Cape Town

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Chugging My Way Through Cape Town – My top 5 bars

Guest Post by Louis Jobin

You can learn a lot about a city by its bars. Loud or quiet, big or small, friendly or unwelcoming, each different bar offers a view into a different microcosm of the city’s people … And it helps that sipping on an ice-cold beer (or wine or cider… or anything alcoholic) in the scorching heat of summer is my idea of heaven. So, where better to go bar-hunting than in sunny Cape Town, South Africa? Of course, drinking is by no means all there is to do in Cape Town, with its amazing outdoors, fascinating culture and gourmet Cape Town cuisine… but being one of the world’s “5 bluest sky” destinations, settling back with a drink and watching the sun set in this perfect sky was the best part of my trip.


1- The Green Dolphin

Starting the list with a show-stopper, The Green Dolphin was probably my personal favourite bar. I’d heard great things from the locals, but as I headed down the waterfront I realized I had no idea what kind of place it was. “’The Green Dolphin’ isn’t the most revealing of names,” I mused, “unless it’s a bar run by PETA or by a fishmonger with extremely out of date stock…”

When I reached its green neon sign all was made clear: ‘Dedicated to the preservation of Jazz’, The Green Dolphin is a classy hang out for lovers of Jazz to get their nightly fix of smooth beats. This establishment has actually had live jazz playing for over 7,000 consecutive nights. On my entrance I realised it was technically a restaurant, though with its dim orange lighting and great ambiance it felt just like a bar. Order a bottle of wine or six and stretch your feet out, you’re in for a night of fun!

2- Caveau Wine Bar and Deli


South Africa being famous for its wines, there are a huge selection of establishments dedicated to the enjoyment of wine. This particular wine bar is notable because of its central location and its award-winning list of over 300 wines to choose from! Dedicated to making higher-quality wines more affordable, the only issue with Caveau is that after leaving its famous wine cellar… whatever wine you usually buy will seem bland and overpriced.


3- Sandy B


Sandy B is a private beach club of The Bay Hotel, though it’s open to the public in the summer. This cocktail bar was too expensive for my liking, but I have to recommend it solely for the stunning view of the Camps Bay Beach it presents. Come here at sunset, trust me.

4- Fiction Bar


More of a club than a bar, Fiction is a great place for travellers keen to sample the delights of Cape Town student nightlife. I’m not much of a clubber myself, but I was swayed by the diverse music nights. From Indie to Liquid Drum ‘n’ Bass, Fiction Bar covers a broad range of styles.


5- The Nose Wine Bar


You might want to sniff out (sorry) a cheaper wine bar, as The Nose’s prices are quite steep. If you have the cash however, go to one of their amazing wine-tasting events. Just don’t forget to spit the wine out… (riiiight)


Yes, there’s more to Cape Town than booze, but unless you return heavily sun burnt and with a massive hangover you probably haven’t experienced real Cape Town nightlife.

Post by Louis Jobin

Louis Jobin is a frequent guest poster at, and an undergraduate, studying English and Japanese Studies. His passions are European literature, Asian cuisine and Scandinavian music.

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