Top 5 Hotels in Ontario

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Regular JustinWasHere contributor, Guy Arnold shared his favorite Hotels in Ontario Canada!

Having travelled around Canada’s second biggest province, I was lucky enough to stay in some of the best hotels Ontario has to offer. In no particular order of preference, here are my top five:

Comfort Suits, Ontario Airport

Right off the bat, I found this place about a mile from touching down. At first, I was a little sceptical as to how well I’d sleep since it’s slap bang in the middle of numerous flight paths. That didn’t matter: I didn’t hear a thing through the night. Staying here cost me around $100 (about £60) and, with a free continental breakfast and courtesy transportation within a five mile radius, I was happy with that. Nearby attractions included the Planes of Fame Air Museum and the California Speedway.

Queens Landing, Niagara on the Lake

I decided to splurge on this one, so I’ll state the price straight away so you don’t have to read about how fantastic it was before being bowled over by dollar/pound signs. One night cost me a hefty $289 which translates to £180. But, seriously, I was amazed; marble floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a sweeping staircase all inside a grand mansion of a building. I slept like a king for a night and, where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario, I was only sorry I didn’t have my significant other alongside me for what could’ve been an incredibly romantic getaway.

One King West

Another heavy-on-the-wallet gaff knocking off nearly £150 per night, this 51 storey giant of a hotel houses 330 non-smoking guest suits with all the necessary amenities. Using its underground walkway to gain access to shops and restaurants makes this one of the more convenient hotels in Ontario, Toronto specifically. The views from my room of the city at night were also something I’ll never forget; superb.

Courtyard, Hamilton

With an airport shuttle to take me to the entrance of this attractive, sandy-coloured stop-off, I felt comfortable and safe. It’s a first class hotel with spacious rooms, and indoor swimming pool. A little more appealing to the back-pocket, too: just shy of £100 ($159) for a night. Chilling out in the evening by the barbecue and waterfall was exceedingly pleasant and watched over by very friendly staff.

Minto Suite Hotel, Ottawa

If you’re looking for somewhere which is both ideally located giving access to dozens of city attractions (museums, art centres, nightclubs, shops, historical landmarks) and comes with comfort and style, this is the place. Fully-equipped kitchens, spa-style bathrooms, and a general modern feel throughout, the Minto Suite was, for me, a very enjoyable experience and, also at around £100 per night, value for money.

Guy Arnold, from leafy Hertfordshire, England, who is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing. Specialising in poetry, and travel writing being a new passion!

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