Travel Destinations Where the Sun Always Shines!

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A sunny day on El Qulaan, in Egypt's Red Sea! Photo via Wikimedia, by Andrea Piroddi.

A sunny day on El Qulaan, in Egypt’s Red Sea! Photo via Wikimedia, by Andrea Piroddi.

When you go on vacation, you don´t always want to stick to the typical summer months when the schools are on vacation and the tourist season is in full swing. But travelling during off-season can limit your choices, as no one wants to relax by the beach or see the sites in swirling winds and heavy rain. However there are places where, whatever the time of year, are always a good bet: the places where the sun always shines:

The Dominican Republic

People often describe the Dominican Republic´s climate as the endless summer. Situated in the Caribbean Sea, the tropical climate ensures that both during summer and winter the temperature rarely drops below 25 degrees. The only thing that is lost during the winter months is the humidity, which is not necessarily a bad a thing. One of the best places to stay in the Dominican Republic is in the eastern resort of Punta Cana. It is a 35km stretch of sandy, secluded beaches and clear shallow tides. Dotted along the coastline, with the beach on their doorstep, are many luxurious hotels and all inclusive resorts providing complete relaxation, quality and peace of mind. Bavaro Beach is the main tourist beach in the Punta Cana resort, home to the softest white sand beach and crystal clear waters. The place to experience a care free existence- if only for a little while!

Cape Verde

West Africa might not be the first place you think of for Tropical Vacation Spots, but there are some beautiful destinations in this part of the world. Cape Verde has an all year round pleasant climate with sunny, warm winters and due to cool ocean currents and off-shore winds it experiences more comfortable temperatures than those in the rest of West Africa. Sat in the Atlantic Ocean, the islands are relatively untouched in terms of tourism meaning even luxury holidays can be booked at short notice. Although covering a small area, each island is dramatically different.  The island of Sal is a vastly dry barren landscape of pure white beaches and clear waters. Santiago, the most African influenced island, is green and mountainous. Whereas the island of Fogo raises high out of the ocean centering around the active volcano of Cha das Caldeiras. The place to experience the diversity nature has to offer.

Egyptian Red Sea Coast

The mineral rich red mountain ranges of Egypt’s east coast inspired explorers to name the sea that met it, the Red Sea. Sticky hot desert like conditions during the summer make the winter the best time to visit Egypt when temperatures drop to the more barely 20s. However the best time for diving is during the summer due to warmer and calmer tides. The town of Ain Sukhna means hot spring in Arabic named due to the nearby natural sulfur springs, famous for their legendry healing qualities. Perfect for water sports and fishing with this american angler electric filet knife, it is the closest sun bathing resort to Cairo. Sharm el Sheikh sits on the red sea Riviera and is considered the best place for deep sea diving in the red sea with beautiful corals and rare tropical fish. The quiet stretches of white sand beaches are complemented by all the modern amenities expected of a tourist resort such as nightlife and golf courses. The place to experience the city of peace just like the cayman islands resorts.

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