Where the hell is Justin Jones?

Where? When?

I can hardly answer those questions myself.

It’s not that I’ve been traveling so much that I forget where I am or where I’ve been (that happens more than you’d believe). It’s more because I’ve been lost in my own head, in a daze of web design and bourbon.

I left Los Angles with the grand plan of winning seven million dollars at 7PM on 7/7/2007. No luck.

My trip did coincide with the 2007 World Series of Poker, so I stuck around to see some friends play in the main event. I spent almost two weeks in Vegas, boozing with friends, hobnobbing with a few big names in the poker world, and chilling out by the pool in the oppressive 110 degree heat. I love warm weather, but that shit was out of control. Now I know what the great Duke (Dr. Gonzo / Hunter S Thompson) meant when he said:

My blood is too thick for Nevada.

I’ve never been able to properly explain myself in this climate.

WSOP Polaroid

Well, after two weeks of blood-boiling heat, bright lights and depravity, I was ready to hit the road. I intended to head straight to the bay area, but my sin-city exploits had wreaked a special kind of havoc on my wallet, and I didn’t even have enough gas money for the drive. So, I set out through the desert with an empty gas tank and only 40 bucks to my name – hoping to make it back to Los Angles, where I could hide out until some funds came around.

On the way, I got a speeding ticket (fuck), but I arrived safely in LA, where I lived on Top Ramen, Chunk Light Tuna, and Bud Light for two days until I got paid. Then it was back to my extravagant lifestyle (living wildly beyond my means) and off to Nor Cal.

I’ve been here in the East Bay for about a week with my nose buried in a pile of web design and emails, with only breaks for bourbon and pizza.

Somehow in that daze, I came up with this new and improved blog template. Welcome to the new King Among Runaways — You like? Comment.

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