Work Abroad: Hostel Work

There are a million ways to work overseas. Jobs available range from corporate office slave driving to bar work and manual labor. If you’re looking to boost your resume and sell your soul to the international corporate devil, be our guest. But if you’re looking for some fun and interesting work overseas to kill time, meet people, and have a blast, we suggest you consider working abroad in a hostel.

Hostel work overseas may not be for everyone, okay, it’s certainly not for everyone. Chances are you’ll be cleaning toilets, changing bed sheets, and standing around behind the front desk. You’ll probably have to scrub a floor or two and you’ll be doing it for almost no money, but don’t fret Cinderella, it’s all worth while in the end. Because while you’re working, you’ll also be meeting groups of beautiful young women from Scandinavia and charismatic young men from Italy. You’ll be boozing and hobnobbing with the hip young travelers of the world, and living the adventure together.

Sure, you’ll be working in a hostel, and sure you’ll only be making enough money to fund the further destruction of your liver, but the people you’ll be working with will make it all worthwhile.

Remember, you didn’t come overseas looking for a job abroad that will make you rich and famous – you came to have a good time and experience life in another country. You’ll be hanging with fun, young travelers like yourself, who happen to be looking to meet (read: hookup) with other hip young travelers. And where is the nexus of travel socializing? The Hostel Bar.

So go forth, my young traveler, my aspiring overseas worker, and head straight to the nearest hostel for some fun, some debauchery, and maybe a little bit of work overseas.

Next Time: Work Abroad – Teach Abroad.

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